CSE Seminar

Pointers in C and C++ – Memory Abstraction and Encapsulation

Mitchell BlochPhD CandidateUniversity of Michigan

CSE Lecturer Candidate Seminar
Pointers can be used to address objects indirectly. We will discuss what they represent, how they're used to access data of different types, and how they form the basis for simple arrays in C and C++. We will cover how reference data types and the keyword const can provide safety through encapsulation. Finally, we'll discuss the implementation of C-style strings.
Mitchell Bloch is a PhD candidate specializing in artificial intelligence at the University of Michigan. He is currently the instructor for EECS 494 – Computer Game Design and Implementation. In the past he was a GSI for EECS 494 and for EECS 381 – Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming. As an undergraduate he authored zenilib, a video game engine that he later used to teach C++ and video game development to Wolverine Soft, at Camp CAEN, and in EECS 494. He has presented at Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making conferences, at Soar Workshops, and at the Southwest Chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

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