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Reading Group on Quantum Communication


Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if planning to attend.
Last semester a small group formed to study research topics in quantum information theory. The group consists of faculty and students from EECS and math. The group focuses on the mathematics of quantum communication channels. Areas of interest include: (1) computation of invariants associated to quantum channels (esp. the information capacities of such channels), (2) relationships between quantum communication and other subjects (e.g., cryptography), (3) measurement and classification of quantum entanglement. All faculty and students are welcome.

Yaoyun Shi will present on June 16th. Yaoyun will survey the subject of "device-independent quantum key distribution' or DI-QKD. The goal of QKD is for two parties to share keys that are random to any third party. Well known QKD protocols rely on the parties to trust the quantum devices that they operate. In contrast, in DI-QKD, no assumption is made on the quantum devices. This stronger security requirement is desirable as it removes the trust on the manufacturers of the quantum devices or the performance of the devices.

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