Solid-State and Nano Seminar

The Good Life: Senses as Motivators for Technology

Prof. Jasprit SinghProfessorElectrical Engineering and Computer Science

This is the first seminar in a series of 6 talks on Sustainable Good Life and Technology by Prof. Singh.

In this talk, we examine seven layers of "the good life:" physical
wellness, creativity and beauty, balance and harmony,
emotional connections, self-awareness, and purpose and
belonging. Since Nature does not hand us the good life, we
build technology to alter Nature and ourselves to create
the good life. A key to creating and enjoying the good life
lies in our senses. We will examine seven layers of senses
and explore how technologies can enhance them.
Jasprit Singh (PhD Physics, University
of Chicago, 1980) explores using
semiconductors for technologies that
form the basis of "The Knowledge Age."
His additional research interests blend
technology and ideas from yoga to explore
new designs and practices intended
to answer the question, "How can the
intersection of best lessons in technology
and yoga reduce the gap between
knowledge and action?" The answers
would lead towards practices and technologies
that enhance mindfulness.

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