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Webcast: Next Gen. Robotics

Ken Wolf and Vijay KumarRedZone Robotics and White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

This live webcast is sponsored by MconneX, the network for Michigan Engineering alumni.
Please join us for a special seminar on next generation robotics. Dr. Vijay Kumar, Assistant Director for Robotics and Cyberphysical Systems at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy will be presenting an overview of the robotics technologies and applications. He will discuss current research areas of interest, recent breakthroughs, funding trends and a road-map of future robotic applications.

Following Dr. Kumar's talk, Dr. Kenneth Wolf, Executive Vice President – RedZone Robotics, will share his experiences in commercializing robotics technologies including successes, failures/barriers and learnings associated with developing a commercially viable business in robotics. Dr. Wolf brings a wealth of experience in what it takes to bring a robotic technology to market.

Both speakers will be available for an open Q&A session including discussion on translational R&D, access to capital, markets, resources and innovation in the robotics space. Even if robotics is not your area of interest, this seminar is designed to provide a overview of an emerging technology and what it takes to bring promising ideas to market.

Sponsored by

Center for Entrepreneurship and MconneX