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Winning the MAGIC 2010 Robotics Competition

Edwin Olson & Team MichiganUniversity of Michigan

You're invited to a presentation by Team Michigan,
winners of the MAGIC 2010 international robotics challenge!
Asst. Prof. of Computer Science and Engineering Edwin Olson and his students – Team Michigan – have just returned from Australia, having won the MAGIC 2010 International Robotics Challenge and $750,000! This was the inaugural MAGIC (Multi Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge), which was sponsored by the US and Australian Departments of Defense.

The MAGIC compeition has ignited interest in autonomous robots by demonstrating that teams of robots can cooperate to perform useful and complex tasks outside of the laboratory.

Join Team Michigan for a presentation illustrated with videos, photos, and anecdotes as they describe the contest, their approach, and design and operation their robot system.

The presentation will be followed by a reception and robot petting zoo in Tishman Hall.

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