CSE Seminar

Hardware Security and C++

Matthew HicksPost DocU of M

After this talk, you will know more about the research interests and teaching philosophy of Matthew Hicks than you ever wanted to know. I will start by telling you about some of my current research projects in hardware security that I was able to convince daring undergraduates to undertake. Then, I will teach you something totally awesome about C++, but at the undergraduate level, in approximately 15 minutes. I will follow this with a monologue on my views on teaching: how students really love learning, but teachers get in the way. As a bonus, much like at the end of a real class, you get to rate me—chili peppers appreciated.
Matthew Hicks is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Computer Science Department at the University of Michigan. His research interests span Security, Embedded Systems, and Architecture. His current projects address hardware security, hardware for security, batteryless devices, and approximate computing. He earned a Ph.D. in 2013 and a M.S. in 2008, both in Computer Science and both from the University of Illinois. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.

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