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Areas of Research in CSE

A unique and robust research environment

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Artificial Intelligence

Experimental and applied investigations of intelligent systems, including rational decision making, machine learning and perception, natural language processing, cognitive modeling, and more.

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Chip Design, Architecture, & Emerging Devices

Silicon chip design, computer architecture, and novel device technologies that may replace traditional CMOS transistors.

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Databases & Data Mining

Building the data management infrastructure for the twenty-first century, with particular emphasis on issues surrounding Big Data.

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Embedded & Mobile Systems

Designing systems for vehicles, wireless sensors, medical devices, wearable fitness devices, smartphones, and other devices not generally considered to be computers.

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Formal Methods & Automated Reasoning

Developing and deploying mathematically-rigorous and algorithmically-efficient solutions to prove the correct behavior of complex hardware and software.

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Human-Computer Interaction

Investigating exciting new services in educational technology, multimedia, and social computing, as well as the domains of human perception and cognition, social activity, and learning.

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Languages, Compilers, & Runtime Systems

Static and run-time compiler systems are used to get more performance, robustness, and energy efficiency with program analysis, transformation, and adaptation.

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Networking, Operating Systems, & Distributed Systems

Research from wireless networking and mobile computing to the Internet and datacenter networks, and tackling exciting new problems that span embedded systems, sensor networks, data centers, and cloud services.

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We use artificial intelligence techniques for dealing with planning and uncertainty, localization and mapping, sensor processing and classification, and continuous learning.

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Secure, Trustworthy, & Reliable Systems

Addressing key security challenges through near-term stress reduction techniques to improve the quality of silicon and longer-term technologies to detect, recover, and repair faulty systems.

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Theory of Computation

Conducting research across many areas such as data structures, cryptography, quantum computing, parallel and distributed computing, algorithmic game theory, graph theory, geometry, combinatorics, and energy efficiency.

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Warehouse-Scale & Parallel Systems

Pursuing the design of the hardware and software infrastructure for massive-scale computing systems. Major research topics include server architecture, GPU computing, emerging memory technologies, distributed software, and more.

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