AI Seminar

Interactive Hatching and Stippling by Example

Lee Markosian

I will describe an interactive system for synthesizing hatching and stippling patterns from provided examples. The user draws example patterns in the picture plane, then guides the synthesis of similar patterns over new picture regions.

Synthesis is based on an initial user-assisted analysis phase that recognizes distinct types of strokes (hatching and stippling) and organizes them according to perceptual grouping criteria. The system first generates locations of synthesized strokes within the output region (which can be a 1D path or a 2D space), reproducing proximity statistics of the example pattern. The synthesized strokes are then produced by combining properties (e.g., length, orientation, parallelism, proximity) of the stroke groups extracted from the input examples. Applications include 2D illustration systems and scale-dependent reproduction of stroke patterns.

This is joint work with Pascal Barla, Simon Breslav, and Joelle Thollot.

The project page is online:

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