Dissertation Defense

Optimizing Mobile Application Performance through Network Infrastructure Aware Adaptation

Qiang Xu

Encouraged by the fast adoption of mobile devices and the widespread deployment of mobile networks, mobile applications are becoming the preferred "gateways" connecting users to networking services. Although the CPU capability of mobile devices is approaching that of off-the-shelf PCs, the performance of mobile networking applications is still far behind. One of the fundamental reasons is that most mobile applications are unaware of the mobile network specific characteristics, leading to inefficient network and device resource utilization. Thus, in order to improve the user experience for most mobile applications, it is essential to dive into the critical network components along network connections including mobile networks, smartphone platforms, mobile applications, and content partners. We aim to optimize the performance of mobile network applications through network-aware resource adaptation approaches. Our techniques consist of the following four aspects: (i) revealing the fundamental infrastructure characteristics of cellular networks that are distinctive from wireline networks; (ii) isolating the impact of important factors on user perceived performance in mobile network applications; (iii) determining the particular usage patterns of mobile applications; and (iv) improving the performance of mobile applications through network aware adaptations.

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