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Retirement Reception for Betty Cummings


Betty Cummings joined the University in 1966, as secretary to the Assistant Director of the Electron Physics Laboratory (later changed to Solid State Electronics Laboratory, SSEL). When Prof. George Haddad became Director of the lab, she worked for him, beginning a long-standing partnership. Betty continued to work for Prof. Haddad when he became Chair, at which time her own responsibilities greatly expanded to earn her the title of administrative manager for the department. She agreed to manage the SSEL shortly after Prof. Haddad left the Chair's office the first time in 1986.
Betty saw the annual research funding grow in the SSEL from $815K in 1966, to $11.5M at the present time, and has been responsible for managing this growth since 1987, a formidable task she accomplished with precision and much care. She knew all of the lab students, and even kept photos of each in case they returned to the department, so they could be welcomed as remembered friends.
The Department, and especially the faculty of the SSEL, are grateful for her many years of devoted service, and wish her much happiness in her retirement.

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