Biruk Mammo Awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship

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Biruk Mammo

Biruk Mammo, a graduate student in the Computer Science and Engineering program, has received a Rackham International Student Fellowship for 2011-12. Biruk is currently a second-year Ph.D. student working with Professor Valeria Bertacco.

Biruk’s research focuses on solutions to assist processor designers in identifying and diagnosing functional errors in their designs, while reducing the amount of resources spent in the process. He is currently working on developing high coverage, robust, yet small testbenches for use with simulation acceleration platforms. In the future, he plans to work on fast and low cost solutions for debugging the memory subsystem of modern multiprocessor designs.

The Rackham International Student Fellowship assists outstanding international students, particularly those who may be ineligible for other kinds of support because of citizenship. To be eligible, international graduate students must have successfully completed one year of graduate study as a master’s or precandidate student. Nominees must have a strong academic record, be making good progress toward the degree, and demonstrate outstanding academic and professional promise.

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