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U-Michigan a partner in two CHIPS Act Midwest microelectronics hubs

The latest DoD funding announcements bolster Michigan Engineering’s efforts to support revitalization of the U.S. semiconductor sector.

U-M origins of legendary gaming mystery revealed

A look into the history of famed video game engine MUGEN and its University of Michigan beginnings.

Greg Bodwin named Morris Wellman Professor

Bodwin’s research centers around graph theory, combinatorics, and theoretical computer science.

Senate testimony: AI risks to the financial sector

U-M professor of computer science and engineering identifies new concerns that recent AI advances pose for financial markets.

Congrats to CSE alums who have accepted faculty positions

Congrats to these new faculty!

NSF backs U-M research to enhance reliability of distributed systems

Researchers in CSE have received a four-year NSF grant to support their development of semantic checkers for distributed systems.

Gokul Ravi and coauthors present new advances in quantum computing, win Best Paper Award at IEEE Quantum Week

Prof. Ravi and his coauthors have three papers appearing at the conference on fault-tolerant quantum computing, variational quantum algorithms, and more, including one that won Best Paper Award.

Coding for conservation: U-M student helps shape the future of wildlife monitoring

CS undergrad Tobias Alam spent the summer working on a USDA-funded project to design a smart camera that tracks and monitors endangered species.

Paper by U-M researchers recognized in IEEE Micro Top Picks

A paper authored by U-M researchers has been recognized as one of IEEE Micro Top Picks from all 2022 computer architecture conferences.

MASA achieves liftoff with record-setting rocket

The 20-foot tall Clementine is the largest liquid bipropellant rocket ever built by college students.

Nikola Banovic receives NSF CAREER Award to advance explainable AI

Prof. Banovic aims to use human-AI interaction to explain and justify AI decisions to end users.

African research exchange program celebrates fifth annual cohort

Twelve undergraduate students from Ethiopia have completed the AURA program, a summer-long research exchange across engineering disciplines at University of Michigan.

Kang G. Shin receives IEEE TCCPS Technical Achievement Award

The award recognizes Prof. Shin’s substantial and lasting contributions to cyber-physical systems.

CSE welcomes new faculty to campus for the 23/24 academic year

Meet the new arrivals.

Power-hungry AI: Researchers evaluate energy consumption across models

A new tool designed by researchers at the University of Michigan allows users to compare the energy efficiency of AI-powered language models.

University of Michigan researchers create screen protection system to fend off shoulder surfers

Eye-Shield uses an innovative pixelation scheme to obscure device screens when viewed from a distance, safeguarding against shoulder surfing attacks.

Five papers by CSE researchers presented at USENIX Security 2023

Papers authored by CSE researchers at the conference cover a variety of topics related to computer security and privacy.

Chris Peikert receives Crypto 2023 Test-of-Time Award

The award recognizes the sustained impact of Prof. Peikert’s research on oblivious transfer protocols and lattice-based encryption.

Reetuparna Das named ACM SIGMICRO chair

Prof. Das will oversee the group’s efforts to support cutting-edge research in computer microarchitecture.

A look back at 25 years of University of Michigan innovation in computer architecture

Nine papers by EECS researchers have been highlighted as among the most significant of the last 25 years in an ISCA retrospective.

Two EECS PhD students receive Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

Cameron Haire and Jiale Zhang have been selected as recipients of the prestigious fellowship, which aims to support forward-thinking PhD student research.

From binary to the Big House: Drum major Blake Brdak

Meet CS undergrad Blake Brdak, the 58th University of Michigan Marching Band drum major.

Researchers leverage AI to fight online hate speech

University of Michigan researchers have developed a new hate speech detection tool that uses deep learning to more accurately classify hateful content online.

Five papers by CSE researchers presented at ICML 2023

The papers authored by CSE researchers appearing at the conference cover a breadth of topics related to machine learning.

Workers find enjoyment on north campus during break

We all need a break now and then.

PhD student Shuyang Cao awarded Bloomberg Data Science Fellowship

Cao has been selected to join an elite cohort of PhD students performing research in topics related to data science.

George Tzimpragos receives 2023 ACM SIGARCH & IEEE CS TCCA Outstanding Dissertation Award

The award recognizes the excellence of Tzimpragos’s doctoral thesis on computer architecture.

A surprisingly simple way to foil car thieves

Flicking lights or swiping wipers could one day add extra security to vehicles.

CSE announces 2023 faculty promotions

The Division commends these individuals for their contributions to research, education, and the CSE community.

Honglak Lee receives RSS 2023 Test-of-Time Award

Lee and coauthors have been recognized for the sustained impact of their paper on detecting robotic grasps via deep learning.

CSE researchers win Outstanding Paper Award at ACL 2023

The CSE authors were recognized for the excellence of their paper on grounded vocabulary acquisition in vision-language models.

Researchers investigate language models’ capacity for analogical reasoning in groundbreaking study

A team of University of Michigan researchers has explored how language models perform on human cognitive tests to determine their ability to form analogies.

Seven papers by CSE researchers presented at ACL 2023

Fourteen researchers in CSE have authored papers appearing at the conference, covering a variety of topics related to computational linguistics and natural language processing.

Michigan Engineering student team wins round two of IBM Call for Code challenge with traffic management solution

The undergraduate student team has developed Traffic AI, a system that uses machine learning to reduce traffic congestion and lower carbon emissions.

CSE recognizes outstanding Graduate Student Instructors and Instructional Aides of 2022/23

The awards honor outstanding student teachers for their contributions to upholding CSE’s mission to provide top-level education and instruction.

CSE alum Xinyu Zhang selected as recipient of ACM SIGMOBILE RockStar Award

The award recognizes Zhang’s outstanding contributions to the mobile computing field.

Prof. Trevor Mudge retires after 46 years in computer architecture

He worked in a wide variety of computer related topics, but his focus was on computer architecture – the design of computers. In particular, he helped to frame the discussion about and develop the technology for ultra-low-power computing.

7th Summer School on Computational Interaction brings together human-computer interaction scholars from around the world

The University of Michigan hosted the seventh annual installment of the summer school, supporting the next generation of HCI researchers through applied skills training and lectures from thought leaders.

EECS community comes together to commemorate Juneteenth

The department’s annual Juneteenth celebration featured remarks from community leaders and emphasized the importance of diversity in STEM.

Kang G. Shin receives 2023 SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time Award

The award recognizes the substantial and lasting impact of Shin’s research on real-time dynamic voltage scaling for embedded operating systems.

RENEW CS bridges persistent gender gap in computer science

National research finds that less than a quarter of CS grads are women; CSE’s RENEW CS program is taking steps toward addressing this disparity.

Three CSE faculty named teaching professors

These career teaching faculty are recognized for their expertise and excellence in advancing experiential learning at Michigan.

Five papers by CSE researchers presented at STOC 2023

Three CSE faculty have authored papers being presented at the conference on topics ranging from length-constrained computing flows to graph connectivity problems.

Get to know: Ryan Huang

His research tackles the many tricky problems and failures that emerge in complex, distributed systems.

Roya Ensafi joins World Economic Forum Global Future Council focused on complex risks

The Council brings together international thought leaders across government, industry, and academia to study complex, interconnected risk clusters.

Nine papers by CSE researchers presented at CVPR 2023

Thirteen CSE researchers have authored papers for the conference, covering topics spanning from object segmentation, 3D vision, biomedical microscopy analysis, and more.

University of Michigan SEAGULL team wins Alexa Prize SimBot Challenge

The CSE researchers have placed first in a global competition sponsored by Amazon focused on next-generation embodied AI agents.

New technique for memory page placement integrated into Linux kernel

A novel mechanism designed by CSE researchers that automatically tiers memory pages has been deployed in the Linux operating system.

New apps for visually impaired users provide virtual labels for controls and a way to explore images

With VizLens, users can touch buttons while their phones read out the labels, and Image Explorer provides a workaround for bad or missing alt text

New computer vision technique enhances microscopy image analysis for improved cancer diagnosis

University of Michigan researchers have designed HiDisc, a machine learning tool that classifies biomedical microscopy images to more accurately diagnose cancer.

Five CSE students awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

These graduate students have been recognized by the National Science Foundation for their outstanding research achievements.

CSE alum and computer architecture innovator Kunle Olukotun chosen for top recognition by ACM/IEEE

He is recognized for his contributions and leadership in the development of parallel systems, especially multicore and multithreaded processors.

Wei Hu receives Google Research Scholar award for research on deep learning theory for real-world data

Hu has received Google support for his development of novel deep learning theoretical approaches that reflect the complex properties of high-dimensional data.

Engineering student team designs novel sensor to protect coral reef health, wins IBM Call for Code Challenge

The student team won the first round of the 2023 IBM Call for Code Global Challenge with BlueReef, a novel sensor system that monitors coral reef health.

CSE PhD student Braden Crimmins named Knight-Hennessy Scholar by Stanford University

Braden joins a select cohort of diverse, multidisciplinary graduate students at Stanford leading the way in addressing global challenges.

Thatchaphol Saranurak recognized with 2023 Presburger Award

The award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a young scientist in the field of theoretical computer science.

Paul Grubbs and coauthors win IEEE S&P Distinguished Paper Award for research on security risks in modern zero-knowledge proof systems

Their paper explores the dangers of incorrectly applying security measures in modern zero-knowledge proof systems commonly used in cryptocurrencies.

With language models on the rise, how can Natural Language Processing be used for good?

A research team led by Prof. Rada Mihalcea and PhD student Zhijing Jin has created a method for identifying and categorizing research that uses NLP to address social problems.

Andrew DeOrio named first Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs in CSE

His primary goals will be to improve the student experience and to better connect students to support and resources.

Mosharaf Chowdhury receives Google Research Scholar award for research on resilient deep learning

Chowdhury is working to develop new fault-tolerant techniques to enable deep neural networks to continue training even when failures occur

Two CSE PhD students named Machine Learning and Systems Rising Stars

Fan Lai and Jiachen Liu have been selected to join a competitive cohort of early-career researchers looking to promote progress, collaboration, and research excellence in machine learning and systems.

Study explores drug use in programming jobs, tension between policy and reality

The first qualitative study on the use of psychoactive substances while on the job at software companies revealed a range of motivations, company policies, and workplace stigmas.

CSE students win showcase at XR at Michigan Summit

The student team was recognized for their innovative NaturEd program, which teaches users survival skills in virtual reality.

Five papers by CSE researchers presented at IEEE S&P conference

Ten CSE researchers have authored papers for the conference spanning topics related to security and privacy.

Prof. John P. Hayes retires after half a century in computer architecture

Always curious about technology, he has made significant contributions to test and fault tolerant computing, while also exploring the potential of novel architectures.

Barzan Mozafari receives the EuroSys Test-of-Time award

Prof. Mozafari has been recognized for the sustained impact of BlinkDB, the first massively parallel approximate query engine.

Friday Night AI event addresses public’s concerns surrounding ChatGPT

Michigan AI Lab draws large crowd at Friday Night AI event discussing ChatGPT, its abilities, and its limitations.

Focused ambitions

While hunger for an artificial intelligence that can think like a human remains unsated, AI continues to appear in our lives in smaller ways.

Dhruv Jain named Google Scholar to design accessible technologies for deaf and hard of hearing people

Jain is working to design next-generation accessible technologies to give DHH people better awareness of their surroundings.

CSE announces updated National Advisory Board

New and continuing board members have been tapped to advise CSE on current academic and societal issues related to computing.

Dhruv Jain named ACM SIGCHI VP for Accessibility

Jain will oversee SIGCHI’s efforts to make conferences, publications more accessible.

Sensor enables high-fidelity input from everyday objects, human body

A new technique for recording and analyzing surface-acoustic waves can enable nearly any object to act as a touch input device, and power privacy-sensitive sensing systems.

Drilling for geo-exchange system that will heat and cool Leinweber CSI Building near complete

The first to heat/cool a large-scale building at the university, the system is an important step in advancing toward U-M’s carbon neutrality goals.

Sarah Jabbour selected for CSE HACKS Spirit Award

Through her contributions, Sarah embodies the values that are central to who CSE is as a community.

Five CSE graduate students recognized for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion at CSE

The award recognizes students who make significant contributions toward increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the division.

CSE graduate students celebrated at recognition reception

The CSE HACKS Spirit Award and DEI Service Awards were presented at the event, in addition to recognizing the contributions of the graduate community as a whole.

Researchers recognized at CHI for work on human-NLP system to create reading quiz questions

Their paper received an honorable mention for their work in making high-quality quiz questions easier to create.

Seven papers by CSE researchers presented at CHI 2023

30 University of Michigan researchers authored and co-authored papers spanning surveillance, virtual reality, algorithmic stigma, assistive technology, and sensing systems.

Explore CS Research year-long effort concludes with poster session

Designed to engage students in research, this year’s program has included workshops, panel sessions, and – of course – research!

U-M CSE research team advances to top five in Amazon Alexa Prize Simbot Challenge

The challenge is a means of pushing forward with their research into development of next-generation embodied AI agents.

Andrew DeOrio voted 2023 HKN Professor of the Year in CSE

Dr. DeOrio has established a well-earned reputation for his excellence in teaching and advancing the practice of education, and this is the third time he’s been voted HKN Professor of the Year.

2022-23 Undergraduate Student Awards

These students are recognized for their outstanding scholarship, research, service, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Optimization could cut the carbon footprint of AI training by up to 75%

Deep learning models that power giants like TikTok and Amazon, as well as tools like ChatGPT, could save energy without new hardware or infrastructure.

Jane Im earns 2023 Meta Research PhD Fellowship

PhD candidate Jane Im hopes to use the fellowship to advance research into how social media companies can better implement usable privacy controls.

CS Undergrad Meera Kumar selected for WISE Sister Mary Ambrosia Fitzgerald Mentoring Award

She has been recognized as an exceptional mentor of STEM students.

Lauren Biernacki receives GSI Award from Rackham Graduate School

She is recognized for her sustained excellence in teaching, course development, and mentoring.

Julie Tashjian receives College of Engineering Staff Excellence Award

She has been a great asset to CSE as the Division has faced a changing environment.

Remembering Dragomir Radev, former colleague and faculty member

During his 17 years on the faculty at Michigan, Drago led research into NLP and touched many through his outreach and mentorship activities.

2023 EECS Outstanding Achievement Awards

The EECS Department has honored four faculty for their sustained excellence in instruction and curricular development, distinguished participation in service activities, or for their significant achievements in scholarly research.

Reethika Ramesh awarded Rackham Barbour Scholarship

The scholarship will support her work on studying the security and privacy of networks.

Who’d have guessed? The Friars are (pretty much) all EECS and engineering students!

Everyone in the U-M a cappella group is enrolled in an engineering major or minor – and their timing is great.

Three staff recognized with 2023 CSE Excellence ++ Award

These individuals provide the professionalism and insight that enable the efficient operation of one of the largest units at the College of Engineering.

Yatharth Chhabra earns entrepreneurship prize for work on accessibility applications, COVID tracking

The award recognizes a student who has exhibited entrepreneurial flair and leadership ability.

Tanvir Ahmed Khan earns Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research

The award recognizes creative and outstanding research achievements.

Fan Lai earns Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research

The award recognizes creative and outstanding research achievements.

Ram Sundara Raman earns Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

The fellowship will help support his work to study global Internet censorship.

Reethika Ramesh awarded Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement

The award recognizes active participation in research, leadership, and academic performance.

CS undergrad Morgan VanderLeest named CEW+ Scholar

VanderLeest has been a mentor in the Women in Science and Engineering Residential Program, is a co-lead for the Michigan Hackers security team, and is a model for diversity in tech.

Seven CSE faculty earn NSF CAREER Awards

The NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is the most prestigious award in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education.

Cyrus Omar earns NSF CAREER to design live program sketching environments

Omar aims to bridge the gap between a program sketch and a finished program for novices and experts alike.

Xinyu Wang earns NSF CAREER Award to democratize web automation

The AI-based programming assistant will enable users to describe a repetitive task and generate a program to help them automate it.

Paul Grubbs earns NSF CAREER Award to build more secure, private networks

His cryptographic techniques will help managed networks like those in schools and companies enforce network policies without the need to access user information.

Dhruv Jain earns ACM SIGCHI dissertation award for research on new systems for sound awareness

The award recognizes the most outstanding research contributions from recently graduated PhD students within the HCI community.

Roya Ensafi selected for Sloan Research Fellowship

Sloan Research Fellowships recognize distinguished performance and unique potential to make substantial research contributions.

Euiwoong Lee earns NSF CAREER Award to design more efficient data clustering algorithms

Lee seeks to improve performance guarantees in clustering, one of the most fundamental tasks in machine learning.

Roya Ensafi receives NSF CAREER Award for efforts to combat censorship worldwide

Her goal is to advance the scientific understanding of contemporary online censorship and develop principled and effective countermeasures.

Mahdi Cheraghchi earns NSF CAREER Award to study theoretical roots of error correction and pseudorandomness

Cheraghchi will study why gaps between theory and practice exist in these two interconnected fields of computing theory.

Thatchaphol Saranurak earns NSF CAREER Award to study tackle problems in dynamic graphing algorithms

Saranurak will study the connections between these algorithms and a number of important open problems in graph theory, security, and optimization.

Dhruv Jain earns dissertation award for work on sound accessibility

Jain’s dissertation investigated the creation and use of several sound awareness systems to better convey information to d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals while using augmented reality and Internet of Things devices.

Are VPNs really the answer?

New research shows that a VPN can be one tool in an internet user’s toolbox but often is not sufficient as the only solution for all privacy needs.

Mahdi Cheraghchi receives Vulcans Education Excellence Award

He is recognized for his work in course development, his engaging and inclusive instruction, and his compassion as an educator and mentor.

Sindhu Kutty receives Jon R. and Beverly S. Holt Award for Excellence in Teaching

Her aim has been to combine the personal attention afforded to students at small liberal arts colleges with the resource-rich experience that a leading research university provides.

Five EECS faculty receive Ted Kennedy Family Faculty Team Excellence Award

These faculty each contributed toward a successful center that developed specialized hardware “building blocks” for a range of applications.

Joyce Chai appointed associate director of Michigan Institute for Data Science

Chai will greatly enhance MIDAS’ effort to support AI researchers and AI-enabled research across many fields at the university.

CSE sponsors students to attend AfroTech 2022 Conference 

The AfroTech conference was attended by over 20,000 Black tech innovators from around the world.

Ramakrishnan Sundara Raman recognized with MLK Spirit Award for leadership and vision

The MLK Spirit Awards are given annually to recognize members of U-M’s community who exemplify the leadership and vision of Dr. King.

U-M researchers win Applied Networking Research Prize in partnership with Citizen Lab and Princeton CITP

The ANRP recognizes the most groundbreaking results in applied networking, research in Internet standards, and upcoming figures in the field.

Five CSE Staff recognized for their outstanding contributions

Five CSE staff have been recognized by the College of Engineering for consistently demonstrating the College’s mission, vision, and values in their work.

Finding a path to pursue your passion in research

A CSE PhD candidate shares advice on how to pursue your interests and find your path.

Henry Fleischmann awarded prestigious Churchill Scholarship

Fleischmann is one of 16 US students chosen to complete a fully-funded year of graduate research at the University of Cambridge.

“My professors at U-M helped me feel more at home” — finding your place as a transfer student

CS student Taras Palczynski discusses his experience as a transfer student, exploring work for his Honors thesis, and founding clubs for students outside of the classroom.

Prof. Emerita Lynn Conway to be inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame

She is recognized for her role in transforming the global microelectronics industry with the invention of VLSI, or Very Large-Scale Integration.

“We have one another to make each other better than what we were yesterday” — embracing the collective of PhD cohorts at CSE

PhD student Joan Nwatu discusses the supportive structure of her cohort and academic network at U-M CSE.