CSE launches health initiative for staff

Fitness trackers are being made available to encourage movement and awareness.

watch on a person's arm Enlarge

To foster an environment of wellness in the spirit of the University’s MHealthy program, the CSE Division is tapping the power of computation to help encourage healthy behavior amongst its administrative and support staff.

CSE has purchased a number of Fitbit fitness trackers and is allowing staff with an interest to check them out. The trackers count steps taken, staircase flights climbed, and monitor heart rate.

It’s well known that improved fitness and an active lifestyle can contribute to productivity, enhance wellness, and help to reduce stress, according to Kelly Cormier, CSE Division Manager. “Staff now have a way to monitor their activity levels and to adopt new patterns of behavior,” she adds. “We feel that this initiative is not only complementary to the goals of the MHealthy program; it is also a way for us – as part of the Computer Science and Engineering Division – to employ technology in a beneficial and engaging way as a part of our daily life.”

Response to the program has been positive, and a CSE Fitness group has been organized to expand the wellness initiative further. As a result, a team of Fitbit-wearing CSE staff will participate in the Rivals Challenge, an eight-week physical activity challenge that pits the University of Michigan against Ohio State.

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