H.V. Jagadish receives Stephen S. Attwood Award

The highest faculty honor awarded by the College of Engineering, the award recognizes Jagadish’s outstanding record of achievement in research, teaching, and service.
H. V. Jagadish
H. V. Jagadish

H.V. Jagadish, Bernard A. Galler Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Edgar F. Codd Distinguished University Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has been selected to receive the Stephen S. Attwood Award from the College of Engineering at U-M.

The highest honor awarded to a faculty member by the College, the Attwood Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated “extraordinary achievements in teaching, research, service, and other activities that have brought distinction to the College and University.”

Jagadish is an internationally recognized leader in the computer science field who has made important contributions in the development of database systems over his 40-year career. Through his innovative research, he has established himself as an influential authority in data science, developing new structures and algorithms to derive meaningful information from complex data.

At U-M, Jagadish has been at the forefront of promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and creating a camps-wide data science research body. In 2015, he helped establish the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS), which brings together experts across disciplines to work together on topics of great interest and importance in data science and artificial intelligence. Jagadish currently serves as Director of MIDAS.

“Jag is one of the nation’s most visible and influential leaders in the broad data science field,” said Michael Wellman, Richard H. Orenstein Division Chair and Lynn A. Conway Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. “Michigan’s national leadership in this area is due as much to Jag as to any other single faculty member.”

His exceptional service and scholarship has brought Jagadish numerous accolades at U-M. In 2022, he was named a Distinguished University Professor, the most prestigious university-level honor for senior faculty at U-M. He received the Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award in 2019 in recognition of his outstanding contributions to research and education. At the College level, he was awarded the David E. Liddle Award for Research Excellence in 2008 and the Herbert Kopt Award for Service Excellence in 2011.

Jagadish first joined the faculty at U-M in 1999, after spending several years at AT&T Bell Laboratories. He received his PhD from Stanford University in 1985. Over his decades-long career, Jagadish’s work has resulted in dozens of patents and over 300 publications in top journals and conferences, which have garnered over 46,000 citations, a testament to the far-reaching impact of his research.

Jagadish was named a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in 2003 and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2018. He helped found the Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment and served as its Editor-in-Chief until 2014. Additionally, in 2013, he received the ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award for his leadership in the database community.

Now a member of the National Academies Committee on National Statistics (CNSTAT), and previously a member of multiple National Academies panels, Jagadish continues his work pursuing interdisciplinary collaborations between data science and fields spanning transportation, medicine, manufacturing, and more.

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