Heath Hofmann receives CoE Staff-Faculty Partnership Award

Prof. Hofmann was praised for his careful attention to staff and treating them as true partners in trying to improve life at Michigan for our students.

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Prof. Heath Hofmann was honored with the 2020 College of Engineering Staff-Faculty Partnership Award, which he earned for his outstanding approach to collaboration and partnership with staff.

Hofmann is the Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs, and works closely with staff on several fronts. When he first took on this role, he was praised by staff for taking time to understand their roles, and ask where he could assist them. Two years later, “he is still there to talk through what the staff may need to succeed, while encouraging them to do what they do best,” said Kristen Thornton, PHD graduate coordinator.

He is known for regularly stopping by staff offices to see if they need anything, and for quickly responding to any questions.

“He works tirelessly, hand in hand with staff, to help create the best possible graduate program for our students,” said Johnny Linn, graduate coordinator.

One graduate student working closely with Hofmann praised his commitment to promoting a culture of inclusivity in ECE, reaching out to underrepresented groups, and providing a welcoming atmosphere for students of all backgrounds.

In the area of recruiting, he worked closely with staff to plan the inaugural workshop for students interested in graduate school in ECE.

“Heath constantly encouraged me during the planning process and ensured that everyone in the ECE community knew about my efforts,” said student recruiter and staff member John Feldkamp.

Hofmann was similarly involved in recruiting visits, organized both by the Department and the College of Engineering, and took the time to not only attend them, but to help clean up after the event.

His positive attitude and commitment to teamwork has a clear impact on those around him.

“With his influence, faculty participation in our events has increased – not only creating more enriching events, but also a more engaging, collaborative atmosphere in ECE,” said Feldkamp. “His willingness to try new things and demonstrate administrative courage is inspiring.”

He works tirelessly, hand in hand with staff, to help create the best possible graduate program for our students.

Johnny Linn, graduate coordinator

Adding a different perspective, Angie Farrehi, Director of the C.A.R.E Center, praised the time Hofmann spends with her on student-related issues.

“He’s a great ally for everyone,” said Farrehi.

Prof. Hofmann and his fellow College of Engineering 2020 Staff Award Recipients will be honored publicly at a later date.

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