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Are you new to CS?

Computer science is an exciting and impactful discipline – but if you’re not familiar with it, it can seem pretty mysterious and difficult to approach. You might feel that without prior experience, a college career in CS isn’t possible.

The University of Michigan believes that anybody with an interest should be able to explore CS – and that it’s never too late for a new student to dive in.

People come to computing from a number of different avenues, and study it with a number of different goals. Maybe you want to…

  • Devise slick new software to make work or life a little easier
  • Automate everything from driving to manufacturing to dangerous or tedious jobs
  • Make our lives online more secure
  • Design hardware and electronics that are smaller, faster, more efficient, and more powerful than anything we’ve seen yet
  • Model social, financial, or biological processes to advance human knowledge
  • Design games or VR/AR experiences
  • Tackle next-generation distributed computing problems on cloud servers or with blockchain
  • Improve healthcare technology
  • Send software into space (on a satellite or rover)

The list of what inspires students to pursue computing goes on – and CSE at the University of Michigan can equip you with the tools to get started.

Getting started in computer science

If you’re unsure about pursuing a degree in computing, or you’re a non-major looking for more coding or technical experience, CSE offers several opportunities to help you get started.

CS Kickstart

A week-long introduction to CS that takes students of any gender identity with little to no experience (or who aren’t even really sure what CS is) and shows them what they can do with a CS degree. Learn more >

Discover CS – EECS 110

A two-credit course for students with no formal computer science experience that teaches core CS concepts, how to write code, and provides hands-on experience with multiple CS areas. Learn more >

Introduction to Computers and Programming – Engin 101

An introductory computer science and programming course for students in the College of Engineering, covering computing as a tool in engineering, an introduction to the organization of digital computers, and programming in C++ and MATLAB. Learn more >

Elementary Programming Concepts – EECS 183

An introductory computer science and programming course for students in the College of LSA, covering the basics of computing as well as problem-solving and algorithmic thinking. Learn more >

Choose a major in computing

If the programs above piqued your interest enough to take the next step, there are several options available to students across U-M to launch a computing career. Undergraduate programs in computer science and data science are available to students in both the College of Engineering and College of LSA. An undergraduate program in computer engineering is also available to students in the College of Engineering.

Or consider a CS Minor

Computing is a relevant tool in every field — and a valuable addition to any student’s skillset. If you’re considering bolstering your major coursework with classes in CS, the CS Minor is a great way to structure your efforts. Read more about declaring a minor.