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Leaders of business, technology, research, and education

Our alumni change the world

CSE alumni are part of a special global community. Impacting technology and society in ways too numerous to list, you’ve helped to revolutionize the way we live and interact with each other.

Alumni in academia

A selection of CSE alumni who have gone on to faculty positions in institutions around the world.
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Alumni awards

Each year the College of Engineering and CSE division recognize outstanding alumni for many broad accomplishments in the field.
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Alumni spotlights

Michael Stonebraker

Relational database pioneer and Turing Award Winner
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Kunle Olukotun

Developer of AI Chips and endowed professor at Stanford
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Jennifer Rexford

CSE Chair and endowed professor at Princeton University
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Usama Fayyad

Data Science pioneer and Co-founder & CTO of OODA Health, Chairman & CEO, Open Insights
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Tony Faddel

Inventor of the iPod and founder of Nest Labs
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Larry Page

Co-founder of Google
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