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Are you new to CS?

Computer science is an exciting discipline

U-M believes that anybody with an interest should explore CS – it’s never too late to dive in.

People come to computing from a number of different avenues: (pathways and reasons)

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Programs in computer science and data science are available to students in both the College of Engineering and LSA. An undergraduate program in computer engineering is also available to students in the College of Engineering

Programs and courses for getting started in CSE

If you’re unsure about pursuing a degree in computing, or you’re a non-major looking for more coding or technical experience, there are several courses available in CSE to get started.

CSE has developed programs that strive to give women a voice in shaping the future of technology, level the playing field in terms of academic and career opportunities, and benefit the field of computer science through the development of a talented and diverse workforce.

Discover CS – EECS 110

Elementary Programming Concepts – EECS 183

CS Kickstart

A week-long introduction to CS that takes students of any gender identity with little to no experience (or who aren’t even really sure what CS is) and shows them what they can do with a CS degree. Learn more >

Students in the College of Engineering can also enroll in Engin 101: Introduction to Computers and Programming.

“I remember being a first-year and feeling timid and like I couldn’t do anything super technical,” Choragudi continues. “I feel like I have the ability to inspire young women and any students who feel like I did. I want to show them that they’re not only capable, but their other interests in and understanding of humanities or music or language might actually help them be a better computer scientist.”

Find a couple other intro to particular topics courses to list here?

Reserach being done in CSE to make CS more accessible