AI Seminar

Building Domain-Specific Knowledge with Human in the Loop

Yunyao LiSenior Research ManagerIBM Research

We describe the development of human-in-the-loop tools to capture the implicit knowledge in the mind of human experts to build domain-specific knowledge bases as the foundation for many AI systems. The ability to build large-scale domain-specific knowledge bases that capture and extend the implicit knowledge of human experts is the foundation for many AI systems. We use an ontology-driven approach for the creation, representation and consumption of such domain-specific knowledge bases. This approach relies on several well-known building blocks: natural language processing, entity resolution, data transformation and fusion. We will present several human-in-the-loop work that target domain experts (rather than programmers) to extract the domain knowledge from the human expert and map it into the "right" models or algorithms. We will also share successful use cases in several domains, including Compliance, Finance, and Healthcare: by using these tools we can match the level of accuracy achieved by manual effort, but at a significantly lower cost and much higher scale and automation. If time permits, we will demonstrate a knowledge base built for the Finance domain.
Yunyao Li is a Senior Research Manager with IBM Research – Almaden, where she manages the Scalable Knowledge Intelligence department. She is also a Master Inventor, a member of IBM Academy of Technology, and a member of the New Voices program of the National Academies. Her expertise is in the interdisciplinary areas of natural language processing, databases, human-computer interaction, and information retrieval. Her current focus is on large scale natural language processing and knowledge intelligence. Her contributions have resulted in 40+ research publications, 20+ patent filings and recognized by multiple prestigious IBM internal awards. She received her PhD degree in Computer Science & Engineering and dual master degrees in Computer Science & Engineering and Information Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and undergraduate degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Yunyao is also deeply passionate about improving the diversity for the STEM field. She has been actively mentoring women and under-represented minorities both within and outside of IBM. She currently leads the Almaden Women's Interest Network Group (AWING) at IBM.

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H. V. Jagadish