Computer Engineering Seminar

Crossbow – Network stack virtualization & Resource control

Sunay Tripathi

Solaris Core Networking Technologies

Sun MicroSystems Inc.

Crossbow – Network stack virtualization & Resource control

Crossbow allows creation of virtual stacks around any service (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NFS, etc.), protocol (TCP, UDP, SCTP, etc.), or Solaris Containers. The virtual stacks are separated by means to H/W classification engine such that traffic for one stack does not impact other virtual stacks. Each virtual stack can be assigned its own priority and B/W on a shared NIC without causing performance degradation to the system or the service/ container. The architecture dynamically manages priority and bandwidth resources, and can provide better defense against denial-of-service attacks directed at a particular service or container by isolating the impact just to that service or container.

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