Faculty Candidate Seminar

CSE Lecturer Candidate Seminar

Shawn LupoliLecturerUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County

CSE Lecturer Candidate
The presentation will be a mix of lecture, coding, and active learning exercises in an introduction to objects for elementary programming class. The introduction will cover the basic concepts of OOP, why, OOP, creating a new and custom datatype, access modifiers, creating the code and how the IDE can help the process.
Shawn Lupoli is a Lecturer from University of Maryland "“ Baltimore County (UMBC) with 17 years of various teaching experience. Lupoli teaches mostly programming courses from introduction, data structures to web programming. Within the courses he teaches, he has used various active learning and hands-on tools such as flipped, campus focused projects and Arduinos. He has also served in various administrative positions such as coordination of classes, building candidate pools for UTAs, core curriculum changes, ABET accreditation to mentoring new lecture faculty.

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