Faculty Candidate Seminar

CSE Lecturer Candidate Seminar #4

Lisa DionGraduate Student InstructorUniversity of Michigan

CSE Lecturer Candidate Seminar
Growing Pains: How to Adjust as Enrollment Scales Up

Over the 5 semesters of my experience with EECS 183, the course has grown from a staff of 16 and student enrollment of 530 to a staff of 22 and enrollment of up to 800. I have climbed the ranks from entry-level GSI to Admin to Lecturer and have witnessed the changes that are forced from having the course grow so quickly. The trend is to move everything online, replacing physical textbooks with online interactive readings, automating grading, and including more surveys to track trends in student demographics, coding experience, and confidence. However, there are some aspects that become more difficult as the course grows, such as cheat detection and honor code violations, any manual grading, managing growing crowds at office hours, and the steady faculty turnover for the course. I will discuss my experience with the course as its enrollment scaled up and what I have learned along the way.
Lisa Dion has an M.S. in Computer Science and is currently a GSI Lecturer for EECS 183.

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