CSE Seminar

Effectiveness of inverted-lecture interventions to overcome common barriers to STEM student success

Katie TimmermanPhD CandidateWright State University

CSE Lecturer Candidate Seminar
Kathleen Timmerman simulates an active learning Data Structures and Algorithms classroom. Students will be engaged and relaxed while still learning inside the classroom. Interventions from Kathleen's research on overcoming common barriers to STEM student success are integrated into the simulated classroom.
Kathleen Timmerman is completing her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Wright State University on Educational Methods for Inverted-Lecture Computer Science Classrooms to Overcome Common Barriers to STEM Student Success. While at Wright State University, she has had the opportunity to work extensively with students both as a teaching assistant and instructor. Her classroom tends to be a relaxed environment where students are encouraged to brainstorm with their peers and experiment with new ideas.
As Kathleen's passion for teaching has grown, her research area has followed. When beginning her Ph.D. program, she switched from genetic algorithms research to Computer Science Education research. She is currently researching a new pedagogy that implements interventions within an inverted lecture classroom. These interventions target common barriers to STEM student success such as psychosocial skills and academic preparedness. In addition to this research, she is developing a continuous assessment system that can be used to monitor retained student knowledge throughout the entire program.

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