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Nao – Demonstration of a new humanoid robot

Natanel DukanAldebaran Robotics

p>Nao is a humanoid robot developed and manufactured by Aldebaran Robotics, a French company based in Paris, France. The demonstration will show how the robot interacts with its environment and the capacities of high level programming through software.

Nao stands tall in all points amongst its robotic brethren. Platform agnostic, it can be programmed and controlled using Linux, Windows, or Mac OS. The hardware has been built from the ground up with the
latest technologies providing great fluidity in its movements and offering a wide range of sensors. Nao contains an open framework
which allows distributed software modules to interact together seamlessly. Depending on the user’s expertise, Nao can be controlled
via Choregraphe®, our user friendly behavior editor, by programming C++ modules, or by interacting with a rich API from scripting languages.

In addition to the high level API, advanced users can take advantage of low level access to sensors and actuators and can, if they wish, replace our code with custom adaptations. In order to allow users to validate motion sequences, simulators are available for Microsoft Robotics Studio and Webots.

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