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Postcards from the Future

Kurt SkifstadDirector of the Center for EntrepreneurshipUniversity of MichiganAdjunct Lecturer in the Center for EntrepreneurshipUniversity of MichiganMichigan AI Lab AlumniUniversity of Michigan
3725 Beyster BuildingMap

In this talk, Kurt will share perspective gained from three decades of commercializing AI, going from lab to product, from product to first customer, and from first customer to global market. He will share stories from the early days of the U-M AI Lab, explore the evolution of AI, its impact on various industries, the lessons learned, and some key mistakes we (unfortunately) continue to make along the way.

Looking ahead, he’ll offer considerations about the future of AI. What possibilities and potential disruptions can we anticipate? How will AI continue to transform industries and society? Together, we’ll contemplate the next frontiers of AI and its ongoing significance.

Please join us in 3725 BBB or via Zoom

Meeting ID: 958 0392 2391
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