MICL Seminar

The Coming Ethernet Revolution

Claude GauthierCTO, Co-FounderOmniPhy

For the past several decades, the use of electronics in vehicles and factories has increased substantially, though the rate of change has been dramatically slower than the rate of change in consumer spaces like mobile. Currently, factories and automobiles feature a lot of semiconductor content running a variety of low-speed protocols, but generally the overall connectivity solutions enable a very limited intelligence and capability.

In the near future, that will change drastically as Ethernet technology, which is being customized to automotive and industrial markets, comes on line to enable a truly networked and connected world. By 2020, mid-level cars are forecast to have over 100 Ethernet ports connecting cameras, radars and safety systems, infotainment, and even the power-train together on a common network running Ethernet. Similar upheavals will take place in the factories.

This presentation will include a survey of the current solutions deployed in the automotive and industrial markets, a look at what standards bodies are doing to enable progress, and will provide a window into what the future holds as a result of these major advances in technology.
Claude Gauthier was born in Toronto Canada in 1973. He received the MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1997 and 1999, respectively.

Dr. Gauthier began his career working for relatively large technology companies, like Sun Microsystems, ATI Graphics, and Advanced Micro Devices. However, he found his passion in the entrepreneurial culture of start-ups of Silicon Valley, and he went on to work in several small start-ups before founding his own in 2012.

Dr. Gauthier is currently the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of OmniPhy, a specialty semiconductor company he co-founded in 2012. The company designs intellectual property for applications including automotive, consumer, and industrial – with an emphasis on Ethernet PHY's for emerging applications. Dr. Gauthier has 12 publications, holds over 80 issued US Patents.

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