Wolverine Soft Game Jam produces 17 video games in 48 Hours

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Wolverine Soft, the student group dedicated to the development of video games at Michigan, held its 11th annual 48-Hour Game Jam on the weekend of January 17-19.

70 competitors showed up to produce 17 new games based on the theme “Separate,” which was kept secret until the event began. Teams of four worked – often through the night – to make the deadline, and for their efforts they were awarded medals, trophies, and mysterious “secret achievement”-style golden awards. Golden awards this year included a golden can of Monster for not sleeping during the competition, a golden rock for the most “rock-solid” game idea, a golden Spider for the most “nightmare-fueled” game, and many, many others.

The winners of the contest were team 19, the producers of Polar Coordinator (includes link to download). The team consisted of Kevin Jeon, David Cai, Andrew Yang, and Cameron Flora.

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