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Elliot Soloway

Twilio: April 24, 2021

University of Michigan Combines Tech and Twilio to Support a Continuous Learning Environment for Thousands of Low-income Students

The University of Michigan Center for Digital Curricula, co-directed by Thurnau Prof. Elliot Soloway, uses Twilio Voice to allow students and teachers to communicate in real-time while completing assignments and to bridge the gap in distance learning and in-class learning.

How CS is changing education

Embedding coding into high school history class; building eBooks to broaden participation in computing; and rolling out digital tools for collaborative K-5 learning. Michigan researchers are taking on the big challenges to integrating computing into everyone’s education.

Josh Meyer has built the software that your kids and teachers need

From his days as an online poker playing undergrad to his current role as a technology developer, Josh has discovered a passion – and built a platform – for online learning.
University of Michigan: September 23, 2020

COVID-19 app built at U-M helps businesses stay open

A COVID-19 symptom checklist web app developed by students in classes taught by Profs. Sugih Jamin and Elliot Soloway is helping more than 2,500 Michigan employers meet state requirements to screen employees before they enter the workplace each day.

How a COVID-19 app built at U-Michigan is helping businesses stay open

New real-time employer dashboards provide “live-feed of data” as employees report their symptoms while also safeguarding users’ data privacy.

Roadmap for teachers: U-M free online learning platform paves the way

K-5 teachers and students throughout Michigan are building thriving learning communities online by using free deeply-digital, standards-aligned curricula and platform developed by the U-M Center for Digital Curricula.
WWJ News Radio: September 14, 2020

Customizable Curricula Available from U-M Center

Prof. Elliot Soloway is interviewed on WWJ radio about the customizable digital curricula available from his Center for Digital Curricula. Over 20,000 students in Michigan are using the platform this Fall.

Students lead the way on State of Michigan web application to help curb the spread of COVID-19

“I don’t think any of us expected a global pandemic at the end of our senior year, let alone being able to work on an application that helps address it.”

Web app, dashboard from U-M to inform Michiganders’ return to work

The web tools will help state officials identify potential hotspots as they reopen Michigan to business.

K-12 online learning platform sees big rise in use

Daily webinars available for teachers interested in exploring the free customizable tools.

Learning the computational mindset – education researchers give perspective

The authors argue that modern children already think with computation after being shaped by the prolific digital tools that fill their lives

Computer science and business school students team up to create “intention” skill for Alexa

Inspired by a class on managing professional relationships, five recent University of Michigan graduates are developing an app that would mesh with Alexa to help nudge people when they’re out of sync with what they want.

Elliot Soloway selected for Google App Engine Education Award

Prof. Elliot Soloway Selected for AECT Distinguished Development Award

Prof. Elliot Soloway to Receive Alumni Award from University of Massachusetts

Elliot Soloway Voted HKN Professor of the Year