Over 600 Students Present Final Projects at EECS 183 Showcase

The project-based class has been a successful introduction to CS for many students.

photo of students at project showcase Enlarge

On Friday, April 24th, a number of students, parents, and professors attended the EECS 183 Showcase at Palmer Commons. Non-CS students from EECS 183, Elementary Programming Concepts, presented what they learned about CS this semester in a day-long showcase that featured over 150 projects made by over 600 students. The class was taught by Dr. Mary Lou Dorf, Jeremy Gibson, CSE graduate student Justin Li, as well as a number of computer science students who taught the discussion sections.

The students had four options for their final project.

1)  Lyrics: This was a 100% Python project all about natural language processing and sequence prediction. For the Core of the project, the students were guided through writing a program that would write fictitious Taylor Swift lyrics.

2) Micro Arcade: This project involved creating a micro arcade machine using the Arduino Uno and a display screen.

3) Web Scheduler: Students created websites to help Michigan students plan their schedules.

4) 183 Siege: For this project, students used Python to create an Artificial Intelligence that will played an ASCII Art game. The AI was required to run through two different modes: story mode and gauntlet mode.

A number of companies were showcase sponsors. JP Morgan Chase & Co. was the platinum sponsor; NCWITWolverine Trading, and Perficient were silver sponsors; EpicResults at Hand, and TechSmith were start-up sponsors. Each company had representatives that were present at the showcase and this gave students the opportunity to discuss internships and jobs for the future.

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