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A Virtual Look at CSE and Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is situated in scenic and cultural Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Computer Science and Engineering division calls the Bob and Betty Beyster Building home, located on the university’s North Campus. Here you can take a look at the area and some of what it has to offer.

For things to do around town, be sure to check out the Area Information page.

A Look Inside the Beyster Building

The slideshow below provides an inside glimpse of the Bob and Betty Beyster Building, the home of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan. The videos that follow highlight the Beyster Building.

Tishman Hall, the building’s four-story atrium.

Students preparing for a graduate student organization tea.

Tishman Hall is frequently used to stage events.

A lecture hall in the Beyster Building.

An event in Tishman Hall.

An empty office, waiting to be filled by a new faculty member.

Once occupied, offices can be quite cozy.

A group of undergrads gather in one of the lounge areas.

The building’s signature spiral staircase.

A look around the building we call home, as well as some of the innovative work that goes on here.

A video tour of Michigan Engineering

A look at the engineering portion of north campus.

A look around Ann Arbor

This slideshow provides look around the larger U-M campus and the surrounding town. The videos that follow highlight life in Ann Arbor.

Pure Michigan’s tour of the town.
A playlist of tips for navigating Ann Arbor in the summer – things to do, places to see, and a tour of the campus.