Interested in Multiple Programs?

Dual major with CS-Eng, DS-Eng, or Computer Engineering

CS-Eng, DS-Eng, and CE students can pursue a dual major with another CoE department, when interested. Students considering adding a second major should be mindful of the following: 

  • Dual majors must reach 142 CTP before graduation.
  • Dual majors pursuing two EECS majors must complete an additional 14 credits of technical coursework beyond what’s shared between two majors. 
  • Students must take a CS-Eng MDE course and earn a C or higher, even if a senior design course is required of the other major. 
  • Please note: A dual major combination of CS-Eng with DS-Eng is not allowed.

Details and a list of double counting courses by dual major

Multiple Dependent Degree Program (MDDP)

Students hoping to declare two majors housed within different schools/colleges must apply for MDDP. Approval is required from both units in order to participate in MDDP. Students must be eligible to declare their intended CSE major in order to receive a signature on their MDDP form.

Please note: The following MDDP combinations are not allowed:

  • CS-Eng with DS-LSA
  • DS-Eng with CS-LSA

Beginning FA23, students interested in MDDP with a CSE major must: 

1. Fill out the top portion of the MDDP Approval Form and submit it through our Letter/Form Request system. 
If your first semester at UM is FA23 or later, admission to the CS major (Engineering or LSA) is required prior to approval for MDDP. Students must also meet CSE declaration requirements prior to approval for MDDP.

2. If you qualify for CSE, a CSE staff member will sign your MDDP Approval Form and return it to you via email. 

3. Next, please send your form to one of the following, depending on your selected CSE major: 
-CS-LSA: Newnan Advising Center ([email protected])
-CS-Eng or DS-Eng: Office of Undergraduate Recruitment ([email protected]

4. If you meet the college level MDDP requirements, the above office will return your form to you via email. 

5. Next, please request a signature from your second MDDP school/college. 

6. Lastly, please submit your signed MDDP application to your newly selected home unit for processing (see options below): 
-College of Engineering: [email protected] 
-LSA: [email protected] 
-Ross: [email protected]

If you need to drop the CoE portion of MDDP, or change your home unit, find applicable forms on the CoE Registrar site.