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If you need assistance gaining permission into an EECS course, please fill out the relevant form:

Enrollment Policy

Two-Course Limit

Due to large enrollments in many CS courses, we aim to ensure that all students have an opportunity to enroll in courses during the registration period. The CSE division limits enrollment in a specific set of courses during the registration period. During the first phase of registration, students may enroll in at most two courses from the list below. Students will be disenrolled from any additional restricted courses beyond the allowable two. After the initial period of registration has passed, students will be allowed to enroll in additional restricted courses, as desired.

As usual, during all of registration, waitlisting will remain unrestricted. Waitlisting will not count in the two-course maximum. Overrides will not be granted during the restriction period.

Current effective term: Winter 2022 

Restricted courses: EECS 367, 381, 388, 390, 440, 441, 442, 445, 467, 475, 476, 477, 481, 482, 483, 484, 485, 486, 487, 489, 490, 491, 492, 493, 494, 495, 497, 498.003, and 498.006. Additional sections of 398/498 Special Topics courses may be added; check this site again before you register.

Students may enroll in more than 2 restricted courses beginning December 10, 2021.If you expect to graduate in Winter (May) 2022, and need a third course from this set to do so, fill out this form to have your case reviewed.

Two-Course Limit FAQs

  1. Why are you enacting a two-course limit rule?
    There is a shortage of seats in CSE courses, and we would like to ensure that all students have an opportunity to enroll in some of them.
  2. What if I plan to graduate this term and need more than 2 restricted courses to graduate?
    Please fill out this form if you are registering for your final semester and you need to take more than 2 restricted courses in order to graduate. You will be able to register on your own and we will not disenroll you from your required courses.
  3. What should I do if I want to add myself to a wait list, but the wait list for that class is not yet active?
    Monitor the wait list and add yourself to the wait list as soon as it becomes active.
  4. Does being on a wait list count toward my 2-course limit?
  5. What will happen if I enroll in more than 2 restricted courses during the restriction period?
    You will receive a warning e-mail instructing you to disenroll from the excess courses. If you remain enrolled in more than 2 restricted courses after the warning, the Registrar will disenroll you from restricted course(s) until you are within the limit.

Override/Permission FAQs

  1. How do I request permission for a CSE course? What is the enforced policy?  
    To request permission for a CSE course, click here. In the CSE department, the prerequisite policy is strictly enforced; no overrides will be granted without having first met all necessary prerequisites. Concurrent enrollment in a prerequisite and its follow-on course is prohibited. Make sure that you check the enforced prerequisites via Wolverine Access.
  2. What if I need more than one course overrides when I request via the link?
    Please submit one entry per course; do not list multiple courses in one request.
  3. Do I need to be specific about the sections that I request? Can I request a change later?
    If you select “ALL”, you will be issued course overrides for any sections that have open seats. If you list your preferences, and your preferred sections are full, you will be added to the waitlist based on the first choice of your preference list. All issued overrides will not be changed if you find a section that works better at a later time.
  4. When will I receive an override if I am granted one? 
    Your override (if granted) will be sent to you on the day of your registration appointment. Please make sure that you list the registration appointment time correctly on the request.
  5. Can I request overrides for Upper-Level CS courses if I am not declared as a CS major but am planning to declare soon?
    We are not able to provide you permission into upper-level restricted courses without declaration; click here to secure an earliest available appointment and keep an eye out for any openings.

    Please also note that students who declare after the first day of the classes in the term, will not be granted permission to ULCS courses in the same term.
  6. How do I request permission for 280 without the enforced prerequisite?
    To request permission into EECS 280 without the enforced prerequisite, click here. This is the link to the diagnostic project. Students need to achieve a score of 50 within three attempts to be directed to the CPA for evaluations.
  7. How do I request permission if I plan on taking prerequisite courses at another institution? 
    To request permission for a CSE course with prerequisite(s) taken at another institution, click here. Be sure to attach the (un)official transcript from the institution, or screenshot of enrollment to prove that your prerequisite course is in progress.
  8. How do I request to enroll in my one and only CS Minor Elective? 
    CS minor students no longer need to request permission to do this. CS minor students can enroll in a maximum of one CS minor approved elective on their own.
  9. How do I request an override as a Non-CSE Graduate student? 
    To request permission for a CSE course as a non-CSE graduate student, click here. Please note that EECS undergraduate courses are to serve the high demand of the undergraduate population. The decision will not be made until the beginning of classes.
  10. I am currently on the waitlist; can I request an override to enroll in the course? 
    We do not issue overrides to bypass the waitlist. You will need to stay on the waitlist. Please note that waitlists are controlled by the Discussion section, not the Lecture.
  11. I am on the waitlist and am worried about not being able to enroll; will the office expand capacity?
    The capacity of a course is determined by the physical space of a room and the Undergraduate Advising Office does not have the authority to expand capacity in any course.
  12. Where can I find the special topic courses and their classifications?
    Special Topic Courses are listed on the website. Special Topics Courses fulfilling a specific requirement will be moved to the correct line of your degree audit later in the term. 

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