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Letter, Form, and Override Requests

Override requests:

Please follow these instructions to request permission for course overrides, by filling out the linked form or contacting the indicated individual or department:

Type of student: Follow these steps:
Undeclared student, CSE undergraduate student, or CSE graduate studentRequest permission into an Undergraduate CSE course (EECS 400-level or below) (link will open March 20, 2023 for SP/SU/FA23 Registration)
To gain access to a Graduate CSE course (EECS 500-lvl or above), contact the instructor directly.
To gain access to a class outside of EECS, contact that department directly.
Non-CSE graduate studentRequest permission into an Undergraduate CSE course (EECS 400-level or below) (link will open August 21, 2023 for FA23 Registration)
To gain access to a Graduate CSE course (EECS 500-lvl or above), contact the instructor directly.

Enrollment appointments get released by the University Registrar and can be seen in Wolverine Access when Backpacking begins. When needed, students can fill out the forms above once they know their enrollment appointment. The Undergraduate Advising Office regularly checks requests throughout registration season. Please note that we cannot guarantee enrollment into any particular class, but do our best to get students into the courses they need for graduation.

If you are granted an override, it will be sent to you via email on the day of your registration appointment, if your request is submitted prior to registration. Please make sure that you list the registration appointment correctly in your request.

During registration, if you have filled out one of our forms or are waitlisted for a course, please keep an eye on your email 7 days/week. Class permissions come through via email and expire within 24 hours. To ensure that you can use any class permissions provided to you, check your emails regularly and register for the permitted class in Wolverine Access before the expiration date.

Prior to the start of the semester, Wolverine Access auto-permits students in order from the waitlist when seats become available. If you would like to get into a course that is full, please add yourself to the waitlist. We also strongly encourage students to enroll in back up courses, if their first choice is unavailable. After the first two weeks of a semester have passed, the UAO requires instructor approval before permissions are granted.

Read more information regarding CSE enrollment and registration policies.

Letter/form requests:

To request a letter or form as a CS-Eng, CS-LSA, or DS-Eng student, please click the button below. Once a request is submitted, it typically takes our office 2-3 business days to return your letter/form to you via email. Please note that it can take a bit longer during registration season.

Types of letter or form requests:

Co-op Registration
The Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program assists students in pursuing an optional program of work while studying in the College of Engineering. Students can find co-op positions independently or by using ECRC resources. Students in the Co-op program are registered students at the university and will be enrolled in Engineering 400: Cooperative Education Engineering. You will need to upload the ENGR400 form to this Letter Request link for advisor approval. After receiving your advisor signature, you will then send it to the ECRC to register for your co-op course.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
International students who will be doing an internship will need to file the CPT paperwork for the purpose of their visas. For CS-LSA, CS-ENG, DS-ENG students, there are three offices involved with the CPT process: the International Center, the ECRC, and our office. Students doing an internship should first start in the International Center to verify their eligibility and to fully understand the process of applying for CPT.

The UAO assists students with the ENGR196 Degree Plan/Academic Advisor Approval form (make sure the entire form except for the signature is filled out) and the Engineering Academic/Faculty Advisor Recommendation Form (make sure to fill out the top section). Make sure that your offer letter includes the job title and assignment details. Then upload all documents via our button above. Advising appointments are not needed for this request.

LSA undeclared students can pursue CPT via the “ALA” subject code. Students will go through the LSA Opportunity Hub and/or work with the Newnan advisor.

Enrollment Verification Letter
The Office of the Registrar completes a variety of written verifications for enrollment, degree status, GPA, credit hours, academic standing, class ranking, and tuition/fee charges. Students can request via the Registrar.

Expected Graduation Date Letter
To notify an employer or graduate school when a student is expected to graduate from our program, based on their remaining degree requirements. CS-Eng students request via the button above. CS-LSA students should contact the Newnan Advising Center for this letter once a major release has been processed.

Experience Verification Letter for Alumni
For alumni, to verify the skills acquired in particular courses during their undergraduate degree. Students will need to log in with their UM credentials. Students request via the Skills Verification System.

I-20 Extension Form
I-20 extension form is used by students who require additional time to complete academic program requirements and are requesting an extended I-20. Determine the reason for the I-20 extension, and complete the additional documents. You will need this Academic Advisor Recommendation form from our office. Please click the button above to request a signature from an advisor.

CS-LSA students may request this letter at the Newnan Advising Center; be sure to request the major release before meeting with the Newnan advisors.

Students hoping to declare two majors housed within different schools/colleges must apply for MDDP. Approval is required from both units in order to participate in MDDP. Review the MDDP process and upload your form via this link to receive a signature.

If you need to change your home school/college within the MDDP, you will need to upload this form via this link to receive a signature.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)
International students seeking an internship after their graduation date will need to apply for OPT (Optional Practical Training). Part of the application process is to request an OPT Recommendation Letter from the department. If you are CS-LSA, you will need to request a major release from our department and then will need to contact the Newnan Advising Center for the letter. If you are a CE major, you will need to contact the ECE Advising Office. If you are CS-ENG or DS-ENG, you will need to request the letter using the button above.

Reduced Course Load Letter
Students may request a Reduced Course Load Letter for a semester.  This letter is generally needed for international students or students on scholarships whose visas or scholarships require full-time enrollment.  CS-ENG/DS-ENG students can request the letter via the button above. CS-LSA students may request at the Newnan Advising Center once the student has requested major release.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form
SAP is a federal regulation requiring the UM Office of Financial Aid to monitor the progress of a student receiving aid as they move through their degree. Students requesting this form should schedule an advising appointment or reach out to ugadmin@eecs.eumich.edu.

Transfer Credits from UG to Grad Career Letter
For students beginning a graduate program who would like for credits from their undergraduate degree to be transferred to their graduate degree. Please request using the button above.