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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising Appointments

Online scheduler info

You will be required to log in using your U-M uniqname and kerberos password. Once logged in, choose a reason for your appointment, advisor preference if you have one, and then select a time frame in which you would like to meet with an advisor. Click the “List Appointments” button and a list of all available appointments matching your criteria will be returned.

Please note: If you do not see any advising appointments, additional appointments will likely be added in the near future. In addition, you can attend walk-in advising, no appointment necessary (see details below).

After making an appointment

  • A Google Calendar invite with a link will be sent to you the morning of your appointment. At the time of your appointment, you may click the link to meet with your advisor via video chat.
  • Please have a copy of your unofficial audit and unofficial transcript open on your computer before the start of your appointment. These can be generated on Wolverine Access.
  • At the time of your appointment, please click the Zoom link to join a video chat with your advisor. If your advisor has not yet joined the chat, please stay connected until they arrive. They may be finishing up their prior appointment, and will connect with you as soon as possible.
  • Please attempt to join the chat in a quiet location. If you are unable to use video during your chat, the Zoom link can be used with voice only.

Walk-in Wednesdays

Staff advisors will offer virtual walk-in advising from 9:00-10:30 AM and 1:00-2:30 PM every Wednesday for computer science students with quick questions. You may wish to discuss short-term course planning, program advising, grading options, or career planning, etc. 

Any detailed conversation you anticipate will require more than 10 minutes should be directed to an individual advising appointment through our online scheduler above instead. We encourage you to reflect on the nature of your question and use your best judgement to determine which appointment resources would be the best fit for you so we can accommodate all students appropriately.

Declaring a CSE major

Please sign up to attend one of our virtual group declaration orientations.

Please note: It is not necessary to attend a group declaration orientation for the CS Minor. You can request to declare the CS Minor here.

If you would like to declare Multiple Dependent Degree Program (MDDP), please schedule a regular advising appointment instead.

Peer Advising

Peer advisors can help answer quick questions regarding policies, course combinations and workload, and important deadlines. More to come soon for WN22 Peer Advising.

Letter, form, and course permission requests

  • To request permission into EECS 280 without the enforced prerequisite, click here
  • To request permission for a CSE course as a non-CSE graduate student, click here
  • To request permission for a CSE course, click here
  • To request a letter or form as a CS-Eng, CS-LSA, or DS-Eng student, click here


Any CSE student can petition for modification of academic requirements specific to their CSE major or minor. A petition can be submitted to the relevant CSE Chief Program Advisor. You can view examples of petitions here.

Make sure to select your CSE program, provide detailed rationale, and include a syllabus of the class in question. Enough information must be provided in order for the Chief Program Advisor to have adequate information to make an informed decision.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for a petition decision.